Can Box Turtle Swim In The Deep Water Or Salt Water?

Can Box Turtle Swim In The Deep Water Or Salt Water?

Aquatic box turtle looks like tortoises, but they belong to the Emydidae family. These types of creatures you will find in American ponds. Most times turtles live in warm environments, like patches of light or shades. However, marine animals or lives land turtles can swim in the box.

Can Box Turtle Swim

Turtles spend most of their time in land areas. However, aquatic turtles can swim in ponds or deep waters. But when the question comes, can box turtle swim? The answer is going affirmative. Yes, box turtles can swim.

Though box turtles are terrestrial, they can swim in the deep water. And the wild turtles do not sleep under the water and do not spend time. Turtles swim on the water when they need to cool themselves.

There are so many types of box turtles. All kinds of box turtles can swim in the water. And you have to care for the box turtle.

Different types of box turtles can swim

If you want to make a box turtle habitat. You have to arrange an enclosure, aquarium, plants, hiding place for turtles, lighting, substrate, etc.

Though turtles live on land, it is challenging to make them pets. If you manage an outdoor enclosure, you need to have a small area. So that turtle can swim well.

When you make turtles as your pet, then the question comes, can box turtle swim? The webbed feet of the turtle are terrapins that help them swim. But aquatic box turtles webbed feet like red-eared sliders. So that their toes do not support them well.  So they are not like a swimmer as the wild tortoise is.

The box turtle’s behavior, temperatures, and food habits are a little bit different. Then what do the box turtles eat? The box turtles eat insects, plants, and animal tissue.

Common box turtle

Some common box turtle has different body temperatures, enclosure, behavior, etc.

 If you ask, can box turtles bite? Then the answer is, several turtles do not bite typically. Common box turtles need enough surface level of water to swim.

Eastern Box turtle

Like eastern box turtle found in the wild, their upper body is dome-shaped with brown or olive-brown shells. As eastern box turtles live near the eastern United States of American. Easter box turtles can swim in steam, shallow waters, and ponds.

Three-toed box turtle

When you see the Three-toed box turtles, you will find that they are not swimming experts. When you think about can box turtles drown? Then I say yes, a turtle drowning in the water. So for three-toed turtles, the surface level of water should be enough water that only reaches the top of the legs.

Desert box turtle

Desert box turtle and Ornate box turtle both are similar in appearance. They are cousins of subspecies of the western box turtle. Desert box turtle height is 0.33 feet long.  The ornate shell is yellow; on the other hand, the desert box is also yellow.

You can make a desert box turtle as your pet. But they are not able to swim because they have no webbed feet.

What kind of water a box turtle needs

Turtle does not live in the sea naturally. So can box turtle swim in the salt water is a typical question. Turtle needs fresh water like shallow waters. Saltwater is not a good habitat for box turtles. Box turtles are reptile’s mammal that lives on the land. Aquatic turtle habituate is tank or pond, not saltwater.

And if you ask how long can box turtles swim? Then the answer comes with a negative. That means box turtles cannot swim for a long time because they are not coming from aquatic creatures. So that box turtle needs a surface for a swim.

Though turtles are excellent swimmers. But another topic is how long can box turtles hold their breath. Can box turtles breathe underwater? I will say wild turtles can swim in the deep water. But pet box turtles are a little bit different because box turtle has the lack gills. So it is difficult to box turtles to take a breath and stay long under the water. When box turtles swim under the water, they keep their shell above the water.

Can box turtles drown

Yes, box turtles can drown when they tire out easier to swim. Box turtles usually do not have a webbed fit. They are wild turtles and exist up to the toes. This helps the feet turtle to swim.

Since Box Turtles do not have webbed feet, they cannot swim for very long periods. Most the box turtle can swim for fifteen to thirty minutes. And cannot go deep into the water. If the turtle goes deep into the water and tried for a long time to swim it will drown.

Do box turtles bite

The box turtle usually does not bite like other wild turtles. These turtles are very quiet in nature. However, the box turtle bites while defending itself.

Can Box turtle swim and do they need water

Box turtles are not creature’s aquatic, so they could not swim well. There are some box turtles that live as pets. Such as Desert Box Turtle, Eastern Box Turtle, etc.

Not all of them can swim. Especially the Desert Box Turtle. Although Eastern Box Turtle knows how to swim, it needs adequate surface water. Turtles swim to keep their body temperature cool and need water.

How long does a box turtle live

A box turtle can live for so many years. Like eastern box turtle can live more than a hundred years old. If you give turtles proper diet food and housing care, then turtles live usually up to twenty years old.  Some captive box turtle lives for up to forty years.

Should Box turtle swim

Box turtles should swim to control their body temperatures. By-born turtles love to swim in the pond or shallow waters.


Can box turtle swim? The answer to this question depends on the type of box turtle. Eastern Box Turtles, Western Box Turtles, and Russian Tortoises can all swim by propelling themselves through water with their front legs. On the other hand, some Box Turtle cannot swim because its shell limits its mobility in water.

The answer to this question depends on the type of box turtle.

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