How long can a turtle go without eating?

How long can a turtle go without eating?

What is the maximum amount of time a turtle can go without eating? Turtles can go for extended periods of time without feeding, and the larger they are, the longer they can go. It’s always fascinating to learn how long a turtle can go without eating.

How long can a turtle live without eating

So how long can a turtle go without eating? The adults can last up to  9 months  buried without eating then they leave to feed and reproduce.

Maybe you want to know how long  does a domestic turtle live?  Well this species of turtle can have a longer life than those that live in their own nature.

The average lifespan of a turtle is approximately between  50 years  and  80 years  , in some cases they have lived up to 100 years, but they are  land turtles.

How long can I leave my tortoise alone at home

The turtles are  reptiles  of the order of the testudines, also denominated Chelonia (chelonians); its most peculiar note is having the body wrapped in a shell. Domestic turtles, both water and land, require  close and species-specific care, despite the fact that they do not demonstrate a level of socialization such as that which can be had with cats or dogs.

There may be that at certain times we have to leave our turtle alone at home  (vacations, long working hours, health problems, etc) and for this we must know what previous care we have to do. We must never forget that it is a living being and therefore  needs a place to be, with clean water and above all with enough food to survive. It is essential that they receive a good  share of daily light, since thanks to the sun’s rays the turtle can grow and develop.

It is important that both  the fish tank and the aquarium where we intend to have the turtle, meet certain characteristics such as dimensions. In addition, the water has to be deep enough so that the animals can swim comfortably, something vital for this species and that contributes significantly to good health. The ideal depth of the aquarium should be approximately 1.5 or 2 times the length of the turtle. If you plan to leave your turtle alone at home, change the water the day before, so she will have fresh and clean water for those days when she is left alone.

Ask a friend or family member for help with supervision.

Sunlight is essential

To keep the water warm, you can  install a special water heater , Many feature a built-in thermometer to keep the temperature at a comfortable level, as well as a timer to regulate the amount of time the water is heated. If we are going to go several days without changing the water, the pond filtration systems must be extremely good, because the animal will defecate in the water, which may be a source of illnesses and other problems.  Live plants can help absorb dirt and keep water cleaner longer. It is also necessary to leave her a apartment surface out of the water where she can climb to dry herself and take the necessary light.

Exposure to natural light is vital for the turtle

If you stay indoors, you can replace the sun with artificial lighting, keeping them for  8-10 hours a day with an ultraviolet  B  light  . In aquarium stores they usually sell lamps and tubes of many types and prices.  Type B ultraviolet (UV) light is necessary for the production of vitamin D3, which is involved in calcium metabolism.  An insufficient supply of this light, in the long term, causes serious diseases of the bones and the shell, which seriously affect the well-being of the turtle. It is important to bear in mind that the light tubes lose intensity over time so it is advisable to change them at least once a year.

The dispenser is the best option

The most serious problem when leaving our pet alone is  feeding . We cannot leave the food in the terrarium, since it  would eat it all or it could spoil and make our pet sick. For this inconvenience, we can get an automatic dispenser that we can program to provide our turtle with food at the desired time. Remember that when they are little they should eat  3 times a day  , while as adults they should limit their feeding to 4 a week.

You have to be careful with the food that we leave you during the time you spend alone, it has to be something  that does not expire or go bad in a short time  (meat, chicken, fruits, vegetables, turkey or tuna), so you better decant for some type of feed for turtles or dry food intended for them. You can find it without problems in pet stores or specialized stores. If you are going to be away from home for a long time, it is preferable that you add some type of vitamin in the form of drops to these basic care so that the turtle does not suffer so much with changes in diet or climate.

And most importantly, how long can we leave our turtle home alone? If we follow the aforementioned care, we can leave our pet alone at home  between 3 days and a week  . Remember to leave your terrarium on a flat and large surface, so that there is no risk of it falling to the ground and suffering a mishap. A  well-fed turtle can last 3 days perfectly, even a week, but after 7 days the water will have become dirty and therefore, it will pose a risk to the animal’s health.

Remember that the turtle needs 3 hours a day of direct sun.

 Ask for Help from Family or Friends

If you are going to be absent for vacations for more than a week, you can  leave the keys to a family member or friend to do you the favor of feeding and changing the water to the turtle  , so it will not be necessary for it to move to another house and to be able to suffer for the change of place. Remember that if you go on vacation, the turtle is a living being that needs basic care and that not in all cases are the same, so it  is always recommended that someone watch the animal  in case problems arise, so you will not get away an unpleasant surprise when you return home.

If you have any doubts when it comes to leaving your turtle alone for a few days,  go to a veterinarian to be more calm and to be able to solve any problem  before it occurs.

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